Can Nasal Valve Collapse Repair Help You Breathe Easier?

Nasal valve collapse can make it difficult to breathe through your nose.

Studies show that as many as 13 percent of patients who report obstructions to the nose have a problem with their nasal valve. Your chances of having this condition are even higher — up to 50 percent — if you have previously undergone rhinoplasty.

Aside from difficulty with nasal breathing, a nasal valve collapse can cause stuffiness, congestion and snoring. Treat the problem, and you will enjoy clearer, better breathing.

What Is Nasal Valve Collapse?

The nasal valve area is a complex, three-dimensional component of the nasal airway, consisting of a series of anatomical structures. Everyone’s physiology is slightly different; however, the valve area generally sits in the middle to lower portion of the nose. You may be familiar with professional athletes that wear strips across the bridge of the nose. These strips are often placed along the nasal valve area of the nose.

If any aspect of these structures becomes weakened or narrowed, the valve is said to have collapsed. Collapse can occur as a result of rhinoplasty, particularly after removal of the nasal roof. Nasal trauma and congenital conditions can also cause or contribute to this condition.

How Does Nasal Valve Collapse Inhibit Breathing?

The valve area comprises the narrowest part of the airway. Consequently, even a slight alteration in the angles of your valve structures can cause an increase in resistance to your airflow.

Imagine air flowing through a tube. Crimp the tube, and air doesn’t flow as easily. A collapse of the valve area is like a crimp in your air passages.

Enjoy Better Breathing with Nasal Valve Treatment

Better breathing may be possible with the use of a device called a dilator. Breathe Right® nasal strips are one of the most widely known dilation devices. Other types of dilators are worn internally, inside the nostril(s) such as Nasal Cones®.

Because dilators are highly visible, many patients with nasal pathway problems eschew their use in public. They can also be uncomfortable as well as unsightly. For these reasons, facial plastic surgery is the most common — and effective — method for permanently correcting the problem, and helping patients breathe easier.

The type of facial surgery required to repair the valve structures depends on the nature and specific location of your valve collapse. Typically, collapses are corrected by rebuilding the interior nasal structures, always using your own body’s cartilage as a natural graft material.

Mobley MD Utah Facial Plastic Surgery provides Utah’s finest facial plastic surgery as well as cosmetic treatment services. A world-renowned facial surgery artist, Dr. Mobley and his team provide a personalized level of service, treatment and care for every patient. Contact our Salt Lake City office today to schedule your consultation for nasal valve collapse repair, the first step to better breathing.

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