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What is Otoplasty Surgery?

Otoplasty is the medical term for surgery to correct protruding ears, often called cosmetic “ear pinning”. When Dr. Mobley was a pre-medical student in college he had otoplasty himself and it was a life-changing event for him. While the entire story is longer, the short of it is that having this life-changing procedure as a young pre-medical student lead Dr. Mobley to his current career as a nationally recognized Facial Plastic Surgeon. This early experience with Dr. Mobley taught him a key lesson as a cosmetic surgeon. So often, people simply just want to look “normal” from cosmetic surgery and fit in and not stand out. Not standing out is what cosmetic otoplasty surgery is all about.

Dr. Mobley has lectured and published extensively on otoplasty surgery. He often performs over 30 otoplasties in a given year putting him in the top 5-10% of otoplasty surgeons. As with any operation, choosing a surgeon that performs a significant number of cases yearly is a very important variable to consider.

Dr. Mobley believes strongly to NOT INCISE (cut into) the ear cartilage. This creates unnatural “harsh” edges and is not ideal. With a sculptor’s eye, the gentle curves of the ear cartilage is reshaped with stitches that provide a natural shape that should last a lifetime. Less commonly the earlobes need to be reduced as well but this can be added on to your otoplasty plan if indicated. And even less commonly protrusions of cartilage called “Darwinian Tubercles” can also be corrected all in the same procedure. The artistry of this operation includes not only creating a beautiful ear, but an ear that has natural curves, bends and a normal distance from the scalp.

Dr. Mobley performs more otoplasty surgeries than just about any other surgeon in the United States.  Our goal at Mobley MD is that you, and/or your child, have a safe surgical experience; and, especially for younger children, that their emotional comfort is supported through their entire surgical experience. Some patients may also choose to have the surgery performed with only oral sedation in our office using local anesthesia. All of these options will be reviewed in appropriate detail during your consultation.




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Dr. Steven Mobley is one of the most nationally-recognized surgeons in Cosmetic Otoplasty.

As a patient of otoplasty surgery himself, Dr. Mobley understands on a deep level how dramatically ear-pinning surgery can positively affect one's life, at any age.

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