Rhinoplasty Recovery Timeline: What to Expect After a Nose Job

How long will your rhinoplasty recovery take? Healing time after a nose job depends on several factors, including the surgical techniques used and the amount of reconstruction done.

Downtime from a nose job varies, but your facial plastic surgeon will likely recommend that you take a week or two off from work to get through the initial healing period. After the first couple of weeks, recovery becomes much easier.
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However, it can take up to a year before you achieve the full results from your rhinoplasty procedure.

Rhinoplasty Recovery: Week 1

The first few days after a nose job are the most difficult and you may experience some discomfort. You won’t be able to breathe through your nose, as it will be covered with an external splint, and you may have an internal splint or packing in the nostrils as well. Significant swelling and bruising is normal at this stage.

Toward the end of the week, you’ll start to feel much better, particularly when your facial plastic surgeon removes the splint and any packing.

Rhinoplasty Recovery: Week 2

By the second week, swelling and bruising begin to fade, and to the casual observer, your nose job won’t be all that noticeable.

You’ll probably be ready to return to work at this point, but you will have to avoid strenuous activity and heavy lifting. After a nose job, it’s normal for your skin to be extra sensitive, so you’ll have to limit your sun exposure.

Rhinoplasty Recovery: Month 1

About a month into the rhinoplasty recovery period, most patients look and feel recovered. You may still have some swelling, most notably at the tip of the nose, but you will now be able to see the initial surgical results clearly.

You should be cleared for moderate physical activity at this point, and you’ll probably be able to wear glasses or sunglasses now.

Rhinoplasty Recovery: Months 2 – 3

Day by day, you’ll notice your nose becoming more refined as the swelling continues to decrease. At this stage, you’re nearly healed, so you’ll mostly be back to your normal routine. You will, however, still have to avoid contact sports.

Rhinoplasty Recovery: Months 6 – 12

After about six months, you’ll be cleared to get back to contact sports. For many patients, nasal swelling is gone at this point, but definitely by the 12-month mark. By that time, your nose will have healed on the inside and outside, and you’ll see your full results.

Rhinoplasty offers you the chance to improve the shape and size of your nose, bringing it into balance with the rest of your facial features to enhance your overall appearance. However, a nose job is a serious surgical procedure that requires a skilled and experienced facial plastic surgeon.

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NOTE: The information provided here is of a general nature and is not intended to substitute for personal advice from an experienced cosmetic surgeon. 

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