Facial Plastic Surgery Tips for a Smooth Recovery

You don’t need to fear recovery from facial plastic surgery.

Dr. Mobley and our experienced surgical team will do everything possible to minimize swelling and bruising, and help speed your healing.

If you follow these simple tips, you can help ensure a smoother, more comfortable recovery period.

Be Prepared Before Your Facial Plastic Surgery Procedure

Plan ahead for your facial surgery so you won’t have to worry about errands and chores during your recovery.

Stock up on groceries and household supplies, pay bills and run any necessary errands before your surgery date. Make sure you stock up on everything you will need for recovery, including ice packs for the swelling and any other supplies listed in your pre-op instructions. Also be sure to pick up any prescription medications you are instructed to take after your plastic surgery.

Prepare your body in the days leading up to surgery by drinking plenty of water and eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Pineapple juice is rich in bromelain and may help reduce bruising, and vitamin C can help speed healing. Arnica can be used after surgery to reduce bruising as well.

When you prepare as much as possible before your surgery date, you can relax and focus on your recovery instead of stressing over the details of everyday life.

Take Care of Yourself After Facial Plastic Surgery

Time and rest are your friends when you’re recovering from facial surgery. To heal more quickly and easily, you’ll need to take it as easy as possible.

Arrange for a friend or family member to help with cleaning and laundry while you recover. If you have children, arrange for someone to handle school pickups and drop-offs and to provide childcare for younger kids. Plan ahead for meals so you don’t have to worry about food prep or cooking.

Resting will help you heal faster after facial surgery, so don’t be tempted to jump up off the couch and resume your regular routine too quickly. It’s best to avoid activities that can raise your heart rate and blood pressure for a full two weeks.

Surgery recovery is “you time.” Plan ahead by queuing up your favorite video streaming app and selecting books, magazines and puzzles that will you will enjoy. Plan to enjoy this time, doing leisurely activities you don’t participate in as often as you would like.

While you’re taking it easy, take care of your body. Eat healthy foods, minimize your caffeine intake, drink lots of water and avoid smoking and drinking to help shorten your healing time.

Keep All of Your Post-Operative Appointments

Dr. Mobley likely will want to see you back in our office at least once or twice within the first week after your surgery. And you may need more follow-up appointments in the upcoming weeks, depending on your procedure.

It’s critical that you keep all of these appointments. Dr. Mobley needs to check on how you are healing — and feeling — and you may have questions or need the reassurance that your recovery is going as expected.

Following these tips, along with your pre-op and aftercare instructions, will make your recovery period shorter and smoother.

If you have questions about an upcoming procedure, or if you want to learn more about our services, contact Mobley MD Utah Facial Plastic Surgery. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, we are committed to your comfort and satisfaction.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation for facial plastic surgery.

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