Ear Pinning Surgery Is Changing Lives

Ear pinning surgery, also known as otoplasty, can be life-changing for children or anyone with prominent ears.

Large, protruding or disfigured ears can be a lifelong source of insecurity and self-consciousness. People with awkwardly-shaped ears are often bullied, growing up with cruel nicknames like “Mickey Mouse” or “Dumbo.” But ear pinning surgery can change that.

After an otoplasty procedure, the ears look more natural, and the teasing stops. This transformative surgery can dramatically improve self-esteem and quality of life.

What Can Ear Pinning Accomplish?

Concealing ears that stick out or are misshapen by hiding them under a hat or keeping them covered with hair isn’t really effective. Ear reshaping or pinning, however, is a permanent solution that gives the ears a more normal look. After otoplasty, hiding the ears is no longer necessary.

Otoplasty improves the shape, proportion or position of the ears, allowing them to rest closer to the sides of the head. This brings a balanced appearance to the face and head, as the ears are no longer prominent or noticeable.

Otoplasty procedures help patients feel more confident about their appearance. Many are delighted to wear a ponytail or short hairstyle for the first time in their lives.

Who Can Have Ear Pinning Surgery?

Though most cosmetic surgeries are reserved for adults, otoplasty can be done as soon as a child’s ears have grown to their full size. This means that children as young as five to six can enjoy the benefits of ear pinning. In fact, many experts recommend performing ear reshaping surgery in early childhood, when the cartilage is more malleable.

Having the procedure done at a young age can help prevent a lifetime of bullying and teasing and the emotional damage that accompanies that cruel treatment. The decision to have ear surgery is a personal one that should occur between the child and the parents or family members that love the child. While Dr. Mobley does not actively promote ear pinning, he is one of the top surgeons for this procedure and loves helping families who want it.

But ear reshaping surgery isn’t just for children. Adults with large or abnormally shaped ears can benefit equally from an otoplasty.

Making Ear Pinning Surgery Accessible for Disadvantaged Children

Otoplasty is considered to be a cosmetic procedure, one that isn’t medically necessary. Consequently, the surgery isn’t typically covered by insurance. Many families may not have the financial means to pay for ear reshaping, but that doesn’t mean the surgery isn’t possible.

The Mobley MD Charitable Foundation, led by world-renowned facial plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Mobley, provides otoplasty surgery free to select low-income children throughout Utah and beyond. Ear reshaping can have such a positive impact on a child’s life, and the foundation makes otoplasty accessible to families who cannot afford the surgery. The foundation is dedicated to stopping bullying, and provide pro-bono ear pinning procedures to children suffering severe bullying due to having larger ears.

Adults are typically required to cover their own ear surgery costs. However, to make otoplasty more affordable for people in any income bracket, we offer several financing options to assist you.

Could ear reshaping surgery change your life? Or your child’s? Simply schedule an appointment with our office for a personal consultation to evaluate your case.

Dr. Steven Mobley is Utah’s premier facial plastic surgeon. He is also the recipient of the American Red Cross Community Hero Award for his charitable foundation’s work. When you schedule your procedure with Dr. Mobley of Mobley MD Utah Facial Plastic Surgeon, a portion of the proceeds will be used to benefit deserving Utah children and their families.

Contact our office today to learn more about our facial plastic surgery services, including ear pinning.

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