Are Hollow Temples Aging Your Face?

Do you have hollow temples? If so, they could be aging your face. Don’t overlook this common and frustrating problem if you are considering cosmetic treatments to help you look younger.
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Most temples have a slight concavity, but deep hollows can create an older, unhealthy appearance. Treating this sunken facial area can provide a balanced silhouette with a smoother transition to the hairline, giving you a more youthful look.

What Causes Hollow Temples?

Sunken temples typically have one underlying cause: aging.

As the years go by, the face gradually begins to lose fat and tissue volume. Over time, this creates a gaunt, angular appearance. Those patients who are athletic or lean experience even more hollowing in the temple area as the years go by.

Along with volume loss, aging also causes the skin to lose elasticity. When the facial skin sags, hollowness in the temples is accentuated.

Cosmetic Treatments for Hollow Temples

A variety of cosmetic facial fillers can improve sunken temples.

Thicker injectables are typically used for temple restoration, as they offer good lifting capability and provide longer-lasting results. Aesthetic plastic surgeons and cosmetic artists often recommend Sculptra® Aesthetic or Radiesse® to restore volume and soften the appearance of hollow temples.

However, these injectables do not provide instantly visible results. The volume boost in the temple area becomes increasingly apparent over a few weeks or months.

For patients who want an instantly younger look, hyaluronic acid facial fillers may be used. Juvederm®, Restylane® and Belotero® can be excellent options for treating hollow temples.

Cosmetic fat transfer is another way to bring youthful volume to the temple area. The procedure is a bit more involved than getting facial fillers, but the results can last for years.

Are Other Areas of Volume Loss Aging Your Face?

If you have sunken temples, chances are you may have lost volume in other facial areas.

Temple restoration doesn’t have to be a standalone procedure. Aesthetic plastic surgeons and cosmetic artists can often combine treatments to save you time and trouble.

So if you need Botox® injections for your forehead wrinkles or facial fillers to plump your cheeks, for example, you may be able to have those treatments along with your temple restoration.

No single cosmetic treatment plan is right for every patient. And results from facial fillers, cosmetic fat transfer and other procedures papertyper can vary significantly among patients. To determine the right approach for your sunken temples and lost facial volume, you’ll need to consult with a professional aesthetic plastic surgeon.

The Beauty Now team at Mobley MD Utah Facial Plastic Surgery has performed thousands of cosmetic procedures for facial volume loss. Contact our Salt Lake City office to schedule a consultation to discuss treatment for your hollow temples today.

NOTE: The information provided here is of a general nature and is not intended to substitute for personal advice from an experienced cosmetic surgeon. 

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